The plain flying is a peculiar form of freedom, which you obtain while you are soaring at thousand meters over the terrain. The lack of a ridge and relief, which you have to follow, opens your horizon at 360 degrees. Everything is possible and the boundaries are far, far ahead. And when you have chosen a direction, starting on your route, in front of you is spread the plain as a big chess-board, which waits for your move. What shall it be and what is the next one, the game is so captivating that you do not stop to desire it. Even landed in the height of the day among the changing shadows of the full cumulus clouds above you, your thoughts are up there, on the big chess-board.

Travelling towards home you remind every move, every mistake, every missed opportunity. Filled with sadness, but also with hope for tomorrow. The day, on which you will again be the king over the chess-board. The day, on which the cloudy street, chosen by you, shall lead you far, far above what you have expected. The day, on which you shall be filled with happiness and gratitude. This is something, which is worth trying.

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Yavor Plashilski